Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bad Beauty Blogger

Ok, I'm a liar. Swatches did not come yet. Actually I did do them, just haven't had time to label the photos and write up my thoughts. I'm a graduating college senior and it's finals week. But please stick around! After the next week and a half I'm free and I have a great big list of fun things to cover, such as...

-Makeup Alley Swapping (I've started swapping which mean I now have a great big pile of new products I love and hate to tell you about).
- The ridulously old ELF haul. It's been forever but I now have a really good handle on stuff and have a lot of say.
- The 5 in 1 palette of course! Swatches and thoughts.
- A couple of drugstore hauls (bad girl!)
- Possibly my new holy grail foundation!!

And mayyyyyyybbbbbe a giveaway to get a few more people checking this site out? Leave comments to let me know your reading if you're interested in free stuff or not!

Check back soon. This summer I'll be doing multiple posts a day so visit often!