Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick and dirty review of Wet N' Wild Blush in Heather Silk

I love this. WnW has really stepped up their game recently!

Price: Cheap $2.99 normally I think but you can def catch on sale or use a coupon to get it for even less.

Amount: Plenty. Nice size. Not sure how deep the pan is yet but the surface size is big enough to get your brush in there.

Color: Payoff is great! Lovely shade and intense pigmentation. I actually have to adjust my technique a little use a littler hand with this stuff.

Finish: Matte

Packaging: Nothing special but sturdy, and slim.

Brush: Obviously not the greatest (included brushes never are) but as far as cheapo brushes go it's not that bad. A few shed hairs and a little stiff/stracthy, but ok size and is angled which I like. Normally I apply with my BE tapered blush brush but in a pinch the included brush works decently as well.

Other: Can be a little dusty or have fall out in the pan, but on the face there's no problem so you just have to gently dab your brush in the pan and then tap off excess and blow any residue off pan to keep clean.

Overall: For $2 this is amazing. Not quite MAC but a lot better Cover Girl and other drugstore brands which sell for more. This color is particularly wonderful on me and is one of those shades you can dust on lightly for the day and layer on a little more for an intense and dramatic night look. I think this will quickly become my HG!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick and dirty review of Wet N' Wild Color Icon in Vanity

Price: Cheap $4.99 normally I think but you can def catch on sale or use a coupon to get it for even less.

Amount: Resonable size. Not sure how deep the pan is yet but the surface size is big enough to get your brush in there. I'd say nickel size?

Color: Payoff is great! Lovely shade and intense pigmentation.

Finish: 3 Matte, 3 Shimmer

Texture: Amazing! Soft but not chalky and no fall out. Easy to pick up lots of shadow and blends so smoothly.

Packaging: Nothing special but sturdy, and slim. Brush: Sponge and brush. Obviously not the greatest (included brushes never are) but they work in a pinch.

Other: Amazing! Nothing not to love about this. Great quality and price and nice combo. I think the reviewers complaining about them are crazy. This is my new daily neutral eye and it's effortless!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

FOTD with new Wet N' Wild Products

After reading all the hype I finally broken in a ran out to get a Wet N' Wild Color Icon palette. I wanted Lust but they were out, Greed didn't appeal to me, and Pride looked nice but I'd ify with blues, so I settled on Vanity. I'm always safe with neutrals. While I was there I picked up one of their new blushes and a L'Oreal HIP lipgloss that was 75% off. Reviews coming in the next few days. Here's my simple look using the Vanity Palette, Heather Slik Blush, and HIP duo lipgloss in Ritzy.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Flirt and Hidden Treasure

2 coats of Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Flirt that I picked up on sale today. I don't even know how to describe it. It's a crazy awesome hot purple /fuchsia iridescent fine shimmer/holo? On top 2 coats of Sally Hasen Hidden Treasure flakies everyone is lovin. My nails on fire today :P

With flash captures the purple-ness of Flirt.

Without flash better captures how it looks in real life and the wonderful flakies on top.

Drugstore Haul

CVS sale and Walgreens with coupons :D

3 Wet N Wild polishes (for .50 each!)
Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Flirt ($1 from the clearance bin.. I think it's being discontinued? Which is too bad cause it's amazing!)
L'Oreal HIP lipgloss duo in Ritzy (I'd NEVR pay the retail price of like $11 but it was 75% plus I had a coupon. For under $2 it's not bad at all.)
L'Oreal HIP pigment in Progressive ( Ditto)
Wet N' Wild Color Icon Palette in Vanity (Lovin!)
Wet N' Wild Color Icon Blush in Heather Slik (Lovin!)
NYC Brow Set in Brunette (Normally use ELF Studio brow set but I have it in dark and it's a bit too dark I think...)
Studio Brow Razors (mostly tweeze but I have a tiny bit of fuzzy on the top of my brows that are too fine to pluck)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

NOTD: Sinful 24/7 and Wet N' Wild black Creme

Picked up 2 new polishes on sale the other day at Walgreens. OMG I'm loving this. I did 2 coat of Sinful 24/7. 24/7 is a great HOT pink that was calling out to me for summer. Goes on nice and some but just a tad streaky with 1 coat, 2 coats looked great. It has an interesting finish that not quite matte, but not full gloss either. After it dried I used to tape to cover the bottom triangle of my nail and did 1 coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme on top. It's a great opaque high gloss black. The combo of colors and mixture of finishes is making this mani FIERCE. I will def be doing again.

Without flash (pink is more true here)

With flash (can you see how high gloss that black is!)

FOTD with Pure Luxe Pigments

Simple FOTD. Use my Pure Luxe pigments in Sunny Side Up, Saffron, Misfit, and Forest. Lips are NCY Lilac Dream. Ignore the shine. This was at the end of a loooonnng hot day and we dont' have AC. Normally I would blot or add a little powder but I was getting ready to wash it off so decided not to bother.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away with China Glaze Atlantis

Pretty simple here. Used 1 coat of Sally Hansen Blue  Me Away and topped with 2 coats of China Glaze Atlantis. Atlantis has a green jelly coat so layering it on top of the the blue gave a cool teal-y color. 

Without flash (truer to real color IMO)

With flash.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NOTD: Pink with Staming

Been playing with my fauxnad plates and decided to do some stamping today. I use a no name/brand pale pink I got as part of a makeup set as a gift for Xmas a few years ago. It's awful and thin, it took 5 coats! But I love the color. I stamped with an old Sally Hansen Chrom polish and my Chinese Konad knockoffs. Then to finish it off I embellish with a little China Glaze Nova. Enjoy :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and Pure Ice Cheatin

I cheated again :D Added some Pure Ice on top of my old mani again. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away

I'm rough on my hands/nails at work so I decided to test out Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear. It goes on smooth (almost a tad on the gloopy side) and is super opaque. You could almost get away with one coat if you needed to but I opted to do 2 just to smooth out a couple areas. Unfortunately without a top coat it didn't even last 1 shift so it's not THAT Xtreme, but still a great bright blue with easy application.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

NOTD: Essie Fiestia with Pure Ice Cheatin'

I love cheating and adding on top of an old mani instead of redoing a new one. I took my mani form the other day and added Pure Ice Cheatin, a purple and blue glitter, lightly on top and tried to gradient it towards the nails. I love the gradient look but haven't master it with polishes yet so I find using glitter is a good way to cheat :D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NOTD: Essie Fiesta

Here's my nails of the day. This is Fiesta by Essie. It's cute bright pink without being neon. Sorry about the sloppy mani and bads pics, I'm still learning.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bad Beauty Blogger

Ok, I'm a liar. Swatches did not come yet. Actually I did do them, just haven't had time to label the photos and write up my thoughts. I'm a graduating college senior and it's finals week. But please stick around! After the next week and a half I'm free and I have a great big list of fun things to cover, such as...

-Makeup Alley Swapping (I've started swapping which mean I now have a great big pile of new products I love and hate to tell you about).
- The ridulously old ELF haul. It's been forever but I now have a really good handle on stuff and have a lot of say.
- The 5 in 1 palette of course! Swatches and thoughts.
- A couple of drugstore hauls (bad girl!)
- Possibly my new holy grail foundation!!

And mayyyyyyybbbbbe a giveaway to get a few more people checking this site out? Leave comments to let me know your reading if you're interested in free stuff or not!

Check back soon. This summer I'll be doing multiple posts a day so visit often!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sephora Color Play 5 in 1 Sneak Peak II

Still no time for swatches sadly, but here's a little more about the palette for you. I promise they will come tomorrow!

The back of the box demonstrating the swapping and portable palette abilities.

A size comparison with my 88 palette. About the same height 
(5 in 1 about a 1/4 inch taller) and 5 in 1 is about 1/2 wider.

Thickness comparison. 5 in 1 is about 2 88 palettes thick.

Back of the palette. 5 holes for pushing out the individual 
color palettes and one for the little travel palette itself.

Mini travel palette in action.

Eye shadow swatches tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sephora Color Play 5 in 1 Sneak Peak

I don't really have time to really test out this palette yet but I couldn't resist opening it and taking a sneak peak, so here it is guys!

Drum roll...

In the box.

Opening the box...

Oh lala! So pretty, so intense and so vivid!


Browns and creams look amazing. I can't wait to swatch!!


Looking at it has got me so excited but I refuse to get my grubby hands all over it until I have time to sit down and appreciate it properly and savor the moment.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sephora Haul

I was a bad, bad girl and I ordered a few thing from Sephora that I really shouldn't have. I need to be saving my money right now, but it was a very rough week and I had the 20% off VIB coupon code so I did it. I only ended up getting 2 items so 'haul' is pushing it, but here are my goodies. 

Sephora Color Play - 5 in 1 Palette
Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion Pore Perfecting

My items and free samples.


Sample fail. I got the card but no vial inside!

I always get fragrance samples so I wanted to try something 
new but I'm guessing this is going to be too dark. Oh well.

Reviews and swatches etc to come soon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swatches of the Week

A quick summary of our Pure Luxe Chocolate swatches of the week. The only chocolate Pure Luxe shades I'm missing are Chocolate and Godiva.

Click any shade to link to the individual swatch and mini review:
Pure Luxe Chocolate Oranges - Usable brown
Pure Luxe Chocolate Cherries - Staple reddish brown
Pure Luxe Chocolate Grapes - Nice violet color
Pure Luxe Chocolate Blueberries - Only real 'miss' of the bunch, washed out and colorless
Pure Luxe Chocomint - Really unique and interesting color

Swatch of the Day: Pure Luxe Chocomint

Brand: Pure Luxe

Shade: Chocomint

Cost: $1.00 for 1/8 teaspoon sample,$5.00 for 5g jar, $9.50 for 10g jar

Where to get: Here

Official Bulb: Medium brown with a mint green interference.

My thoughts: This is one of the most unique colors I've ever seen. It truly is both a light coppery brown AND a minty green at the same time. The pictures DO NOT capture this one very well at all. In the artificial light one you can see a hint of mint green, but in real light it is much more noticeable and shiny bright. It's like you are seeing 2 layers at once, as the mint green is not just a sparkle or glitter but almost looks like it is foiled on top of the brown. The name is a wonderful descriptor! I struggle to use it a little because it's just so unusual, but it's just so one of a kind!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Swatch of the Day: Pure Luxe Chocolate Blueberries

Brand: Pure Luxe

Shade: Chocolate Bluberries

Cost: $1.00 for 1/8 teaspoon sample,$5.00 for 5g jar, $9.50 for 10g jar

Where to get: Here

Official Bulb: Muted brown base with blue interference.

My thoughts: Muted it right. Of the chocolates I own this is the dullest and least intense. The color is a bit drab and sort of a greyish washed out purple. It might be good for a conservative neutral but I find it boring.

Nails of the Day: Color Club Amp'D Up

Caution! HOOOOOOT nails coming up. Or at least insanely bright nails coming up. Introducing Color Club's Professional Nail Lacquer in Amp'd Up.

I stumbled across this while going through the dusty part of my collection the other day. I think I've had this polish about a year and aside from testing it out when I first got it this is the first time I've worn it. It's an amazing formula, goes on smooth and 2 coats gives full coverage and it's fairly fast drying (major plus for me!). Plus it's decently long lasting and doesn't show much nail wear. I'm just not sure what I was thinking getting BRIGHT orange. I was going through I neon phase I guess. Well, just in case I ever need a good neon orange nail polish for some occasion I got the perfect one on standby.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Swatch of the Day: Pure Luxe Chocolate Grapes

Brand: Pure Luxe

Shade: Chocolate Grapes

Cost: $1.00 for 1/8 teaspoon sample,$5.00 for 5g jar, $9.50 for 10g jar

Where to get: Here

Official Bulb: Medium brown base with violet/purple interference.

My thoughts: This shade seems the least 'chocolate' to me. The brown is pretty much gone and light lavender color is much more predominate. Sunlight or with flash capture the color well. If anything I would describe it as a light silvery violet color with a very light reddish amber undertone. Still a wonderful color, good for spring, but not your traditional lavender.

Sally Hasen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment Review

Found this baby in the Dollar Store and couldn't resist for only a buck! A quick Google Product search places it's price range online from anywhere between $1.49 to $7.99 on Amazon! It claims to make your teeth whiter by contrasting it with yellow pigments while hydrating an conditioning lips. It come in a couple shades at the Dollar Store and I had a tough time before settling on Gleaming, a bright pink with a a purplish iridescent shine in the tube.

My thoughts: 
First off the packaging it pretty clunky. It's sturdy, cute and modern with the square shape and the raised circles on 2 sides, but it's a little big and square products never slip easily into pockets or anything. Applicator is the typical doe foot.

 Color payoff it pretty good. It can be applied thinly for sheer shine, or layered a bit for more color without getting thick and gloppy. There's a nice shine and faint sparkle/shimmer to this particular color and it's a nice bright pink (which actually doesn't work so well for me, but still it nice). The texture is good, not thick, not sticky, but just right. 

 What I love the most it the smell/flavor. It's a vanilla mint and it's like an after coffee breath mint. Nice a refreshing without being over powering. I also feel a very, very faint minty tingle like you get with some lip plumpers. I like that feeling but know some don't. I don't notice any plumping but it is moisturizing. The staying power like many glosses isn't too great and it seems to disappear within an hour or two even without eating/drinking, but there's a lot of product in the tube so just reapply. 

 Overall, not bad for a Dollar Store find. Do my teeth look whiter? Not really. Is it really a 'treatment'? Not so much. Would I pay $7 for it? Nah... But was it worth getting for a buck? Sure. So go check your Dollar Trees ladies.

Packaging: 3 of 5 (Pretty but not bulky)
Smell: 5 of 5 (Fresh!)
Color: 3 of 5
Consistency: 4 of 5
Staying Power: 2.5 of 5
Buy again?: For a dollar yea, for 7 no.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Swatch of the Day: Pure Luxe Chocolate Cherries

Brand: Pure Luxe

Shade: Chocolate Cherries

Cost: $1.00 for 1/8 teaspoon sample,$5.00 for 5g jar, $9.50 for 10g jar

Where to get: Here

Official Bulb: Medium brown base with reddish/pink interference.

My thoughts: I love this shade. It's a slighter darker brown than the Chocolate Orange with a reddish overtone. The with flash picture is the most accurate. Slight shimmer and good for lid or crease. I find it a pretty unique twist on brown and would get it again.